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The Ride for a Life Without Lupus

HE DID IT! A new record: 415 miles biked in 24 hours.
$40,000+ raised for lupus research. Keep his fight going — make a donation.

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Photo: Thomas Wolf/Donna H. Chiarelli Studio

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Father Breaks Cycling Record to Honor Daughter’s Fight Against Lupus
Paradysz sets 416.09 miles as new 24-hour ride record at PA Velodrome

Bicyclist rides for 24 hours straight to raise money to fight lupus
Chris Paradysz, who grew up in Coopersburg, breaks 28-year-old velodrome record, raises more than $40,000 for research of daughter's disease.

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Chris Paradysz

“Why am I riding? Because I’ve had it with sitting on the sidelines. Research needs urgency, and there’s nothing like making some noise to get people’s attention. The doctors and researchers love it, and they’re fighting to find treatments and a cure. But, the patients, their loved ones, families are the stars…and, I’m doing this for them. For my daughter. One mile at a time!”

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Watch Chris train for the ride

Wheels for a Life Without Lupus:
Kicked-off on August 9th, 2008 at the NASCAR Nationwide Series
in Watkins Glen, NY

Photo: Phil Cavali

Read More about the Kick-off at Watkins Glen »
Check out Chris’s Blog for Photos! »

Here's what Brad Coleman had to say about the kick-off event:

“I really love driving racecars. I am more comfortable at 200 mph than I am sitting on the couch. Every now and then though, you get into situations like I was in at Watkins Glen. It was a good re-start and the two cars in front of me split in different directions. When they did I found myself launching off the No. 9 car. Next thing I know I am eight feet in the air and that is not where you are supposed to be in a racecar. Two wheels came down and finally all four hit the ground. My car appeared to be toast but believe it or not, it was still drivable. We had to come into the pits and fix some of the bent up sheet metal and parts of my car were totally gone. While I as in the pits getting the car fixed, I thought about those who have to fight Lupus. Kind of like in the race, I had to keep going regardless of what was in front of me. We came back with only a partial car, worked our way through the field, and brought the No. 27 Carino’s/Lupus car to a top 10 finish! Never, never give up out there, no matter what you face in your life!! I am lucky to get to race for a living, and I am also fortunate to be able to have the chance to help others like we did this weekend.”

On August 9th, rising NASCAR star Brad Coleman took to the track with the S.L.E. Lupus Foundation’s mission—“Life without Lupus”—displayed on his #27 Ford in front of an incredible 100,000+ race fans in Watkins Glen, New York, and millions more watching at home.

Join the ride as Brad and Chris dedicate their "wheels" to the lupus cause.

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